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Yumeiho Therapist in London Ladies Only/Юмейхо терапист в Лондоне только для женщин

Japanese Yumeiho therapy is based on the belief that our pelvis is the center and foundation of our skeleton. Any asymmetry of the pelvic position would be the start of many diseases. The most important goal of Yumeiho therapy is to correct the pelvis, to adjust the spine, to mobilize natural forces of the organism …

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Cupping is the Best of Remedies

“If there is something excellent to be used as a remedy, then it is Hijama Cupping”. 

“Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the lunar calendar) then it is a cure for every disease.”

Reported by Abu Huraira.How does Hijama (Wet Cupping) work?

Hijama …

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Visceral Therapy/Висцеральный массаж

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle manual therapy that aids your body's ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction. Visceral Manipulation, or VM, does not focus solely on the site of pain or dysfunction, but evaluates the entire body to find the source of the problem.

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